Heres to all the women out there looking for the absolute best pathway to happiness for their lives. As we women sit and contemplate decisions that will, in the end, will lead us to walking down that crispy white isle to the shiny pot of gold, we often forget the importance of “rash decision/making decisions off a whim.” Why  do we not let ourselves live like moments that you see on the big screen? Why can’t us as women channel that inner sexy and walk up to that mysterious, good looking, “Ryan Gossling” type in Crazy, Stupid, Love, and just fucking make out with him. Not even as far as that but at least give him our numbers? I challenge us to channel that inner sexy slut that we all want to be in our lives just once and see how it goes. Be confident. Be cool. Be sexy. Let us know how it goes 🙂




Zooey Deschanel is pure beauty. From her movies to her television series New Girl, she graces us with her ridiculously awesome outfits. She can throw just about anything on, but styles it correctly. Yes, she had costume designers for her outfits on tv but looking at her everyday life photos, she has a funky cool style. Something that makes this girl totally sexy is her confidence. She can sport anything and make it look awesome when paired with her “I don’t give a fuck” attitude.” What am I concentrating on this week? Channeling my inner Zooey confidence.


Fucking Fresh

My name is May. I’m a young woman in my twenties and this is me, trying to pave my way in the fashion world. My friend Syd is also partnering with me, making that two young, cute, semi really intelligent in fashion, fucking awesome girls writing to you. For me, I hope to inspire the tragically dressed women of Pittsburgh and help them realize that cut offs, crop tops, and the good old fashion sweatpants that every human being within a 30 mile radius of here own, are not acceptable in every day life. I’m not saying I’m against cut offs and crop tops however, when you are wearing them like the women in Pittsburgh, I’m totally fucking against them. Hopefully throughout our blog, you’ll find things to inspire you, make you want to be a better you, and give you some balls to become the person you always wanted to be. Syd and I will be the ones dedicating ourselves to finding what actually works in this massive combobulation of fashion, beauty, and health shit that every magazine and Pinterest idea has given us. We’ve all spent countless hours searching, reading, preparing, then doing nothing about some way to lose weight, look good, and pick up guys. Well, for the next couple years of my life, I’m going to weed through all the bullshit and untrue promises that the world has given us and find the actual things that fucking work.